Friday, December 17, 2010

My first official blog post!

 Hi guys!

 This is my first blog. Very exciting! Alright, here goes......

 I guess I should tell you I am a 30 year old Mom of  5 year old daughter, Izzy. Living in South Western Ontario, Canada. 

 There's snow on the ground, the heat is set at a ridiculous 73 degrees (not one to use Celsius, please don't slay me fellow Canadians) in our home and the Christmas tree is up and in view as I type. 

 I love making anything new and different (to me). Anything I see on websites, magazines, twitter, etc. If I haven't seen it, I want to make it. 

 I came across a recipe recently for those gorgeously coloured macrons, I think they are called. My god, what a feat! I feel if I can make those, I can make anything! Have you seen the recipe and instructions? But even more, have you tasted one? They are like nothing I have ever encountered. So beautiful, like air. You could eat in in one bite but you'd rather try your hardest to make it at least 4 so it will last as long as humanly possible. 

 Anyway, after the holidays I would really like to tackle at least one flavour. Now I have written it and it is out, in this.... blogosphere? So, I should stick to it.... Right?

 Thanks for reading... really. Even if it's one person. It means a lot. Thank you. 

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