Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Totally random Christmas Eve Eve 12am Stir Fry

 So, as I was making the "Chocolate Covered Cherry Cookies"  on Christmas Eve Eve for my family and friends, I decided that I should do something with this, "Sliced Side Bacon" that I had bought on a whim, in hopes of conjuring up something new and exciting.

 I looked up what side bacon was, how to cook it, what it was similar to.

 I now have a guide to pork meat cuts as a tab on my bookmarks as an example of how far I did in fact delve into this venture.

 I ended up finding that side pork is basically bacon that hasn't been cured. But, it is treated the same as a pork belly in the style of cooking.

 SO... i scoured blogs and recipes and I found this:

 and more specifically, this:

 "The easiest way I know of is slow braised. It's kind of a Hakka/Taiwanese homestyle dish. I don't have a recipe, but you use a combination of water, soy sauce, brown or rock sugar, star anise (no more than two or three whole stars), a clove or two of garlic, 3-5 thick slices of ginger, rice wine, and plenty of green onions cut into 3-4 inch segments. You can just taste the marinade and if you like the sweet/salty balance just go for it.

Sear the pork belly on all sides.
Put the pork belly in a pot small enough that the liquid will just cover it. Of course, you could make a huge amount of liquid, but I find that wasteful. Bring it to a boil, then simmer for at least an hour, probably more like 90 minutes. I like to put half the green onions in at the beginning, then another batch halfway in so we have some green onions to eat as well as some completely melted into the liquid.
When you can break the meat apart with a fork, it's ready. Let sit until you can handle it, then slice into 1/3 inch thick slices. Plate with green onions and pour a little of the cooking liquid over it. This and a bowl of short grain Japanese rice is what I call comfort food."

 I, however didn't have star anise, or rice wine. I used in equal parts:
Soya Sauce
Brown Sugar
3 cloves garlic
Tbs ginger paste
Rice wine vinegar

Until it was enough to cover the meat in the pot. I think I had doubled it when all was said and done. 
I did exactly as said for everything else to do with cooking times and temperatures.

I got out the wok and threw in:
An assortment of mushrooms (oyster, baby portabello, button, etc)
Baby carrots sliced in half
Halved and chopped zucchini
Chunks of one whole sweet onion
The pork turned out AMAZING! The broccoli was semi over cooked but otherwise it was a 5 star stir fry.

 This is what can happen, on Christmas Eve Eve.
 When you're wrapping, planning, shopping, planning, planning and planning!
 I was up until 2 am but it was worth it!
I made some rice noodles and whole grain rice and we had meals for lunch and dinner through the busiest days of the year when you have time for nothing!
I hope your Christmas was wonderful!
My daughter got a Barbie Dream House, and I was out $200 as a cause of it. It was worth it. Ten times over. 
I realized this Christmas, or was more so was reminded, that  my daughter is one of the greatest human beings I have ever come across.
She came down with a crazy throat infection and through it she stayed strong. She wanted to play. She wanted to do summersaults and hand stands! She is, well.... fearless and a go getter to say the least.
 I did a good job and I'm not afraid to say it in this instance, on this day where I have enough confidence to say so. Because we all know I'll feel the opposite tomorrow. 
But today, I am proud. 
She called me funny today. As we were holding hands walking into the grocery store she said: "Mom, we have a funny family and I'm  happy to be part of it".
Yeah, she's 5..... and I'm lucky. 
I hope you are too. 

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